Brington Primary School, Little Brington, Northampton, NN7 4HX

Harlestone Primary School
Church Lane
Lower Harlestone

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The Althorp Partnership of Primary Schools


Harlestone Primary takes an all round approach to PE of improving body, mind and social collaboration. Our curriculum aims not only to learn and master skills just as balancing, running, jumping, throwing and catching but also develop team work strategies, personal strength and evaluation of self and others as they perform in sport, thus developing a healthy competitiveness. Children will learn to perform and control movements and develop their individuality through gymnastics and dance and will learn the art of relaxation and mindfulness through participating in yoga lessons They will use the outdoors and take part in adventurous activities, using navigation skills and team work. Through the activities and sports, children will learn about how their bodies respond to exercise and how fitness helps them to stay healthy. Pacesetters, our outside sports provider, deliver a range of lessons that cover a variety of games including hockey, football, tag rugby and tennis as well as field sports and athletics. Children are given the opportunity to compete with other schools and children of similar ages and regularly attend sports events. The class teacher also teaches a lesson weekly through GET SET PE.

Class 2 are introduced to the Young leaders programme in term 5

 GET SET PE (Teachers taught) rolling programme

Pacesetters PE