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RE Coverage

We believe that this RE curriculum is ambitious and gives all learners the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in life.  Through the end points for each phase, the rolling programme, and the granular detail, we have created a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum that builds knowledge cumulatively to give pupils the best chance of making links and retaining the content they have been taught.  Throughout the units, we want our children to make connections between different beliefs, practices and stories of all religions and make respectful reflections on the significance of meaning behind it.  We will teach children to understand the diversity of belief in different communities, nationally and globally, and to express their own views creatively and respectfully. 

In Key Stage 1, pupils focus on Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, and in Key Stage 2, pupils learn about the 6 main religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism) as well as Humanism.  Throughout these religions, pupils learn substantive knowledge, learning information on ways people express religion and non-religion in their lives, including celebrations, practices, religious texts, artefacts and beliefs.  Children also learn ‘ways of knowing’, by looking at different ways people might make sense of global and historical religion, as well as the types of conversation that is respectful, and can be had to deepen our understanding.  Throughout our RE curriculum, pupils’ personal knowledge is also developed, by providing many opportunities for children to reflect upon their learning, and building pupils’ awareness of their own assumptions and values.