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In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children are learning about the Great Fire of London and its links to the Great Fire of Northampton.  Throughout the unit, pupils will develop their substantive knowledge of The Great Fire of London and Northampton. The children will increase their awareness of the past and what London was like in the 17th century, comparing life then to the present day and consider how some problems, such as the lack of an organised fire brigade and the type of buildings, caused the fire to spread. Children will know the cause and effect as a result of the fire, in order to be safer. Pupils will develop their disciplinary knowledge through the use of historical sources, how they can tell us about what happened in the past and how some sources are more useful than others. As teachers, we will encourage our pupils to think like historians.  We will model the way historians question and explain reasons.  For example, ‘How has London changed from the past to the present?’ ‘Why are jobs in 1666 similar and different to today?’ ‘How and why did the Great Fire of London spread?’ ‘What sources help us to know the events of the fire?’  

In Key Stage 2, children will learn about the Victorians.  They will develop a clear understanding of the significance of the reign of Queen Victoria and the impact of the changes that occurred during the Victorian era on the world today.  They will also develop their disciplinary knowledge by developing their understanding of the chronology before, during and after her reign and how primary and secondary sources of evidence help us to interpret the history of this period.  

History Rolling Programme - Class 1

History Rolling Programme - Class 2

History End Points